Zoneface Lift Facial

If you feel as though the signs of ageing have crept up on you but you do not want to turn to invasive treatments like botox and dermal fillers, the ZoneLift Facial is the ideal treatment for you. However it will also complement aesthetic treatment too. The ZoneLift Facial takes facial therapies to the next level, combining massage, hand-tailored crystals and rollers and the award-winning ZoneLift Elixir, which is infused with amethyst and sacred Native American healing herbs. It can be performed as a one-off session or through a 12 week course of weekly appointments and can rejuvenate your skin so much that you can look up to 5  years younger once the three month-treatment is completed. The ZoneLift Facial treatment includes the Bergman method facial reflexology, Japanese facelift massage, Gua Sha, tailored crystals, facial roller and Indian Head massage.


Main Aims:

It will help release emotions held in the face and encourage a natural increase in the skin’s own collagen and elastin production. It will leave the face looking softer, happier and more calm, with an improved radiance to your complexion. The facial is usually completed using the Neal’s Yard Frankincense range, which itself is known to reduce the appearance of tired skin and revive a dull complexion, but I can tailor the products to your specific needs if the Frankincense range isn’t suitable for you.


Cleanse & Facelift Massage

(60 min)  £80


Age Defying Facial & Facelift Massage

(90 min)  £95


12 Week Program

This 12 week program includes a ’60 min deep cleanse and facelift massage’  once a week but every four weeks substituted for ’90 min facial and facelift massage’ instead. You will also receive a free Gua Sha Tool (Worth £25), an Eight Point Star Facial Roller (Worth £30) and free consistent skin coaching, advice as well as home techniques to support your home skincare routine (Worth £120) 


Program Breakdown- One treatment a week

Week 1, 5, 9 – Age Defying Facial and Facelift Massage (90 mins) 

Week  2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 –  Deep Cleanse and Facelift Massage (60 mins)


Also available with Prescriptive Aromatherapy. For more information or to discuss a specific skin issue with Tracy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Tracy also offers holistic skin coaching for both inner and outer health.

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