• Ultrasun

    Ultrasun (5)

      Ultrasun is a professional sunscreen brand. They are the sun protection experts! Creating a variety of non-irritating sunscreens suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive and reactive. Their formulations are also highly stable, providing up to 8 hours of protection. Meaning on your average day out, no re-application needed. Ultrasun sunscreen is available in SPF30 to SPF50+, Tinted and Non-Tinted, 100% Mineral and / or Mineral & Chemical Filters and different textures so there is a sunscreen to suit all skin types and ethnicities.
  • Tailored Aromatherapy

    Tailored Aromatherapy (5)

      There are many factors to take into consideration when making a bespoke tailored product blend. As a highly qualified professional in Aromatherapy science, I offer a free mini consultation with every holistic product bought, to ensure I cater exactly for your skins or wellness needs.
  • Pregnancy

    Pregnancy (1)

      I can help you prepare for your new arrival by advising and blending correct products for you and your baby at all stages of pregnancy. Pre, during and post labour. I can make a range of tailored prescriptive aromatherapy products for you both using my extensive knowledge in the science and power of essential oils.
  • Gifts

    Gifts (12)

      Gift vouchers or a tailored hampers are available for the perfect gift to a loved one
  • Facial Tools

    Facial Tools (4)

      A great way to enhance your daily home skin care routine. Using crystals has the most incredible healing and lifting effects to the skin and overall wellness. See my Instagram for my latest advice and video tutorials on how to use each tool.

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