Sculpting Facelift Technique (by Yakov Gershkovich School)

Non Invasive Face Lift in Essex

This non-invasive face lift sculptural and moulding technique was derived by Yakov Gershkovich, the leading specialist in the field of facial aesthetics, a recognised authority on natural rejuvenation and facial manipulation and praised by A-list celebrities, beauty bloggers and therapists. He strives for a method to natural rejuvenation that gives an effective face lifting without the use of injections, botox and fillers in a fast and effective way. Unlike Botox, this non-invasive face lift technique uses the power of the hands to re- sculpt the muscles rather than freezing them which foreign substance and chemicals. It can however be used alongside these procedures. The techniques are Gershkovich’s personal method with aesthetics and osteopathic effects, providing facelift without surgery and injections due to the deep study of all the basic facial muscles and the impact of bones in the face. It’s performed by toning, strengthening and relaxing of the facial musculature. It works on psychoemotional, energy and medical levels too, to enhance your whole well being. Each muscles will receive exercise to cleanse and tone the quality of the skin by localising on individual muscles.


Relaxing facial muscles so muscles tone returns to normal. Helping muscles recovery, restore elasticity and tighten and smooth the the skin. Elimination of spasms and blockages. Appearance of the skin improves via stimulation of skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles. Enhances body detoxification and cleans the skin. Launches blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and metabolism. Increases the microcirculation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and normalises cellular respiration. Forms facial posture. Reduces presentation of double a chin. Reduces ‘drooping’ corners of lips. Prevention of age changes. Deep wrinkle reduction. Reduced puffiness, sponginess, lymphostasis. Releases muscles of all stagnation in the face and body with natural processes. Improve concentration by removing blockages and opening the cranium. Anti stress. Strengthen and open the eyes. Aims to focus of 3 lines of the face to improve posture- Jaw, Cheek Bone and Eyeline/ brow.

Technique Only
(60 mins)  £80


Technique & Mask

(90 mins)  £95



The non-invasive face lift works best as a course of 6 to 10, 2 times weekly then reduced to 1 (10% discount available). Please contact Tracy before booking the treatment to speak about booking a consultation.

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