Reflexology Facial Treatment (Technique by Ziggie Bergman)

This award winning specialist Advanced Facial Reflexology treatment, using the Bergman Method, is firmly based on Zone Theory and is the only accredited facial using this modality. The unique benefit from Facial Reflexology is that not only does it aim to help improve health and wellbeing, but help make you feel younger and have a healthy glow. Over a series of sessions, there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles too, with frown lines appearing smoothed and an improved skin tone all round. It also has distinctive benefits for certain conditions for example migraines, bruxism, bell palsy and sinus conditions. Modern Reflexology taught in the west is based on the system of 10 longitudinal zones. It also draws on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps.

(60 min)  £80  |  (90 min)  £90


Also available with Prescriptive Aromatherapy. For more information or to discuss a specific skin issue with Tracy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Tracy also offers holistic skin coaching for both inner and outer health.

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