Quantum Healing

One of Tracy Winterbourne’s more specialist therapies is Quantum Healing.

Quantum healing taps into the energies of the body on a quantum level, through meditation, mantras, visualisation and consciousness development. Treatment can be both hands-on or hands-off, utilising crystals, oils, herbs and aura cleansing, to access your energies and heal the body on a quantum level.

The effects of this extremely repairing and restorative treatment are immediate, but will also continue to develop over the following days and weeks, going you an ongoing sense of wellbeing and healing.

As with Tracy’s other treatments, every session of Quantum Healing in Essex will be completely unique to each client and will begin with a consultation and chat to work out what you need from this healing therapy.

The benefits of Quantum Healing go beyond the spiritual, with direct positive effects on your immune system and response to healing. It is also completely safe for use alongside other complementary therapies and traditional medicine, making it ideal for people with ongoing medical issues who feel as though they could benefit from additional support.

The basis of Quantum Healing can be found in both ancient wisdom and modern science, drawing from the principles of physics, as well as psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology.

If you’re looking for an experienced practitioner of Quantum Healing in Essex, or would like to discuss treatment options and outcomes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

(Distance Quantum Healing may also be available.)

Quantum Healing

(60 min)  £70

Also available with Prescriptive Aromatherapy

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Treatments only available at Therapy Life Centre Tuesday, Dawn Lister in Leigh on a Wednesday. Please contact for availability before booking your slot.


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