Handmade detoxifying bath salts

Do you know why detoxifying in a good bath soak has so many powerful effects on the body? Soaking in salt baths has been done for thousands of years. In my handmade detox soak salts, there is a combination four salts:

Epsom, Sea salt, Boron, Himalayan

A soak for 20 minutes of this powerful combination will help you detox, improve hydration by strengthening the skins barrier function, draw moisture to the skin whilst remineralising, help improve heavy metals, help re alkaline the body to the correct PH balance, soothe aching muscles, help skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, has a balancing action for oily and acne prone skin, improving general skin health.

Use a generous amount in a warm bath, relax and soak. Around 1/3 cup depending bath size.

190 ml