Neal’s Yard Rejuvenation Facial Massage

The Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation experience in Essex

This treatment is only available in Hockley 

My facial rejuvenation massage will help to release muscle tension and improve circulation in the facial muscles and neck, whilst softening and improving the appearance of fine lines, by giving them volume and fullness too tired tissues. 

The facial rejuvenation massage techniques used are a means to achieve an extremely natural and effective approach to enhancing the complexion. It is a relaxing treatment that works primarily by freeing constrictions within the facial muscles and the connective tissues. Due to the soothing nature of the facial rejuvenation treatment, it enhances a feeling of well being to the whole body. 

It aims to enable the skin the gain a sense of personal radiance as expression lines are reduced and the facial contours are tightened. Puffiness around the eyes may be reduced and areas of muscular tension relieved. You should leave the facial rejuvenation treatment feeling relaxed with a more positive and confident appearance, as well a being relieved from sinus problems, headaches and other stress related symptoms. A deep sense of tranquility will be reached. 

The rejuvenation facial is built upon the power of five. Five symbolises man, health and love and represents our five senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste)  and the five elements (earth, water, air, fire, ether). So, spiritually it is therefore the numbers of manifestation. It represents faith in action and having a mindful connection to the energy of the forces and of nature. It is the number of the human being. 

For more information or to discuss a specific skin issue with Tracy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Also available with Prescriptive Aromatherapy.


The treatment is available as:

A 60 minute Massage Treatment which includes the Rejuvenating Techniques only

60 min treatment £60


A 90 minute Facial Massage Treatment which incorporates the Neal’s Yard Remedies products with the Rejuvenating Techniques 

90 min treatment £75

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