Healing to realign your body, mind and soul

If you’re new to the idea of alternative therapies, you may be wondering what holistic healing entails and where to find holistic healing in Essex. Holistic healing covers a range of therapies I offer, reiki, quantum healing and rahanni celestial healing, as well as my deluxe recovery treatment, all which have their own specific focus and outcomes. Therapies can be performed on their own or in conjunction with one another to help you to align your mind, body and spirit for a total holistic healing experience.

The main goal of holistic healing is to create a sense of peace and alignment within oneself, dispelling negative energies and doing so in an environment which is focused on nurturing and openness. Holistic healing focuses on the energy within the body which, with my help and guidance, will be channelled to a more positive frequency, creating healing for the mind, soul and the body. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced pro, holistic healing can help you to focus your mind, achieve your goals and take on the world with a greater sense of yourself and your needs. Distance holistic healing may also be available.