In the hustle of modern life, we often overlook the art and need of slowing down, embracing simplicity, and finding inner peace.


How it works

Online healing

A private session held online as I am trained as a Reiki Master and quantum healer which specialises in distance and remote healing. The sessions are gentle yet transformative. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to initiate a conversation.


Time: 75 minutes 

Price: £70

Post treatment

After the session, there's an opportunity to rest in stillness, aligning with your inner being, resulting in a sense of self-connection, clarity, and peace. There is the opportunity to receive feedback after the session.

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Within this calm created space, one can disengage from the mind, find peace, and release deeply held energies in both the emotional, physical body and your energy field

Solace can be discovered in a personal retreat to yourself

For the past decade, I've devoted myself to extensive exploration in healing and facilitating my clients needs to rest, restore & heal.

Collaborating with experienced healers and instructors in the realms of energy and consciousness, I've assisted individuals on their distinct journeys involving healing, awakening, relationships, service, and embracing new life possibilities.

These tailored sessions aim to guide you in rediscovering these qualities, offering a sanctuary to turn inward and reconnect with your true self. Together, we acknowledge that the peace and joy we seek reside within our hearts, obscured at times by the chaos of our minds and daily experiences.

my goal through healing

Each session will facilitate in creating a sense of peace and alignment within oneself, dispelling negative energies in an environment focusing on nurturing and opening the mind. Focusing on the energy within the body, we will be channelled to a more positive frequency


The types of healing incorporated into each session


Quantum healing taps into the energies of the body through meditation, mantras, visualisation and consciousness development. The effects are extremely repairing, restorative and immediate, but will also continue to develop over the following days and weeks. Sessions leave you with an ongoing sense of wellbeing and healing beyond the spiritual, with direct positive effects on your immune system.

Rahanni Celestial

Rahanni, meaning ‘of one heart’, is a 5th-dimensional method that works on a higher vibration and a deeper level. This healing treatment balances your masculine and feminine sides, helping to release negativity and fear from the heart. In creating internal balance, Rahanni releases us to understand and recognise our true essence, which is pure and unconditional love. It releases fear based thinking and negativity, aims to give inner peace and harmony, making it the perfect therapy for someone who is struggling with trauma, stress, anxiety and fear.


Reiki is a gentle non-invasive ancient Japanese healing technique making it suitable for use on all ages. It's technique activates the natural healing processes of your body and restores your physical and emotional wellbeing. It does so by reducing stress and tension while promoting a deep sense of relaxation - giving your body the support it needs to heal itself. Reiki comes from within, you just need to find the right practitioner to help guide your inner self to the path of wellness.