Radio Frequency Facial in Essex

As we age, the skin cell turnover productivity slows down, the Radio Frequency current goes directly to the dermis (lowest part of the skin) to make cell turnover act like it did in your younger years. The Radio Frequency Facial treatments target the elastin and collagen fibres in the skin, causing a shortening and tightening effect to therefore tone the skin allowing for showing results in one treatment. It works specifically on the skin surface, due to the nature of the machine’s high-frequency oscillating currents penetrating the skin to a level which results in fibroblasts being stimulated to start the production of collagen. Meanwhile it also drains away any toxins produced during the treatment and chroma light therapy enhances the effect. The Ultimate Facial is a mild clinical treatment using COSMEDIX products.


Main Targets:

The effects of the Radio Frequency Facial treatments are aimed at increasing the skins firmness and redefining the facial contours by stimulating the body’s natural healing response due to heating the skin to increase collagen production. It gives instantly visible results with on going rewards with a multiple sessions as the positive results continue over a course of 6 sessions. This is due to the treatment continuing to work on waking up the cells to their optimum and speeding up the cell turnover to give longer lasting effects. The main targets are to: Tighten the skin, soften fine lines and deep set wrinkles, firms facial contours in neck, jaw, and cheekbones and brighten the overall appearance and radiance of the skin. 


Full  Treatment 

Full Face –  (60 mins) £80

Selected Area Treatments  

Lower Face and Neck | Upper Face and Eyes | Eyes and Lips  – (30 mins) £50


Radio Frequency Facial Courses

Course of 6 (Full Treatments)  £445

Course of 6 (Selected Area treatments) £240 

Deluxe Radio Frequency Facial

This treatment combines a full radio frequency treatment alongside The Cosmedix clinal Blueberry Smoothie peel with a  deep cleanse and an optional- Indian Head massage, healing, massage techniques or a hand and foot massage.

(90 mins) £140

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