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Whatever your body, mind and soul needs, the power of these essential oils and flower essences can help and assist in naturally treating the whole you. Crafted, tailored & entirely natural blends


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Your session includes one crafted 100 ml atomiser with pure, spring, coherent structured water. Option to purchase other crafted products

30ml Facial Oils
100ml Body Oils
100ml Bath Oils
100 ml Bath & Shower
100ml Body Lotions
50ml Body Ointments


Time: 60 minutes 

Price: £70p/h Plus postage
The sessions are held on line or by phone & are normally around 30 - 45 mins

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Drawing on the curative power of plants, my aim is to instill serenity, healing and renewed vitality. Immerse yourself in the aromatic realm of therapeutic tailored fragrance. Let your healing journey commence here.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to initiate a conversation. To find out more about my qualification see my about page.

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Within all the chaos resides an untapped wellspring of solace and rejuvenation and healing - the extraordinary healing properties of the aroma plant world.

Up to 75 % of our emotions can be triggered by smell alone

Each tailored blend I craft extends a gentle invitation to reconnect with the nurturing embrace of Mother Nature Medicine.

Through a subtle application and use of essential oils, it allows the influence of scent to lead you on a journey of self-discovery, healing and well-being. Whilst topical application to the skin promotes naturally healing the physical body.

My commitment is to meticulously incorporate high-quality, natural and sustainable essential oils to create a unique blend that promotes natural healing & relaxation with optimum benefits and results.

Essential oils are an excellent example of a true holistic approach to health.

The power of essential oils


Powerful medicinal essential oils are mindfully blended to calm the mind, facilitate grounding, increase concentration and alleviate stress


As a skin health specialist, I can also tailor your blend to help tone and firm the skin or alleviate skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema


We can use specific oils to help throughut the process of pregnancy - labour, after care, your new new born


The power of essential oils can also induce a restful night sleep and relieve the symptoms of common aliments like insomnia


Alleviate all types of pain and reduce inflammation in the body. Aromatic extracts often exhibit pain-relieving properties comparable to, and occasionally surpassing, conventional pharmaceutical painkillers.


Finding supportive natural antihistamines to remove inflammation for allergy relief depending on the kind of allergic response you have such as skin conditions, sneezing, watery eyes & headaches

Atlantic essences

Your products are also combined with the Atlantic vibrational essences to enhance your blends.