Aromatherapy Science

The Healing power of plants nature's pharmacy

Essential oils can be used alongside any treatments to enhance and support your health and wellbeing. They can be used in bespoke massage and facial oil blends and added to diffusers. I have a love for tailoring facial oils for clients, giving natural solutions for their skin care concerns and needs. These powerful pure oils can calm the mind, increase concentration, strengthen the immune system, induce a restful night sleep, alleviate stress, relieve the symptoms of common aliments (like insomnia, hayfever and neck pain) and help tone and firm the skin.

I have a qualification (IFPA diploma) in Essential oil science, where I learnt, in great detail, how these wonderful pure oils, from nature’s pharmacy, are so truly powerful and healing by studying the individual chemistry of each plant, their different species, and their importance. Essential oils are an excellent example of a holistic approach to health. By looking closely at the oils physiological, psychological and spiritual properties, knowing each of the oils are active together simultaneously or individually in everyone, the oils can be tailored to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The power of these beautiful essential oils can help and assist in naturally treating the whole you. I only uses high quality pure essential and organic oils, with no synthetics, giving you optimum benefits and results.

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