Lets talk face masks!

We need to talk about wearing face masks and skin health.

I am speaking to more and more of my beautiful clients on the huge impact face masks are having on their skins health over the past few weeks. Breakouts, clogged pores, redness and uneven skin texture have all been highlighted!

Face masks are touching and are in direct contact with your precious facial skin, lets list some VERY IMPORTANT FACTS.

  1. The skin secretes oil and sheds dead skin every day.
  2. We have a build up of daily oil, sweat, grime, products, SPF’s, and make up etc and the face masks collect all of the above as well as natural pollution.
  3. The masks are a breading grounds for bacteria and lots of other nasty issues for skin health. It is even worse in this incredible heat. If and when you are wearing a face mask make sure it is clean every day, think of your mask like your new underwear!
  4. If you have a reusable cloth mask put it in the wash daily and, make sure you have clean spares to hand
  5. Disposable masks are SO bad for our planet but use a clean one every day if you are using this type of covering. You would not see a doctor or surgeon wearing the same mask twice! It’s not hygienic. 
  6. Do NOT just chuck you face mask in you hand bag or pocket. Often these places are dirty and another breading ground. Pop it in a clean bag or container to keep it clean and fresh as you use it during the day.
  7. Double cleanse your skin with the correct cleanser every evening to make sure your skin is beautifully clean and balanced ready to rejuvenate and heal while you sleep.

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