Lets talk oats!


Do you know the how utterly amazing they are? Especially for your skin!

They are nutritional regulators of every conceivable aspect of skin health. They are a great source of vitamin B, rich in biotin which maintains the health of skin cells (through working with collagen) with links to the health of the hair shaft and strengthening and supporting hair growth. They contain fibre, protein, minerals. Stabilise blood sugar, good for weight control and management, great for healthy nails. Just one bowl of oats can have so many positive effects on your whole body (including your skin!)

There are so many easy ways to get them in your daily diet. Hot or cold, in a drink, there are so many gorgeous oat milks available now. or even in a flapjack! You can topically apply them, there are so many good brands containing oats (Neals Yard do a fab Oat & Calendula body lotion) They are great for dry, eczema and psoriasis skins. Just putting a sock of oats to soak in the bath and then massaging it into your skin in so good. Your skin will thank you! They are anti-inflammatory and will soothe dry irritated skin. Safe for kids and the elderly too. They give a lovely barrier to the skin in the winter to stop dry skin. They can be used for acne prone skin as they absorb oil on the skin surface.

All you need for a DIY home 

3 teaspoons of oats
3 teaspoons of honey (leave out for Vegan facial)
1/4 of a mashed banana
A little oatmilk or water

Mash the oats in a mortar & pestle
Add honey
Add mashed banana
Add FEW drops of water / oatmilk to get the correct consistency
Mix it all together
Leave it on for 10/20 minutes
For a mild exfoliating effect massage into the skin for a few minutes

It is naturally antibacterial, helps with mild breakouts, loaded with antioxidants, helps with free radical damage, unclogs pores. Always use a good sourced honey (we need to look after our bees) The banana is loaded with natural vitamin A, B and E, great for ageing skin,loaded with minerals to hydrate and give moisture. Give a tightening effect to the skin.

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