A treatment completely tailored to your needs

There are so many factors to a tailored holistic facial session.

Most people believe a facial is all about topical work and products but it’s not only what the eye can see. With the knowledge and love I have for this treatment I promise you there is a lot more involved. Yes we all get a little swept away with how our skin looks, and how it should look but, if you are attentive you will very easily notice there is a lot more going on. A mindfully given and received facial is one of the most healing treatments you can have. All that is needed is connection. Just the healing techniques I have to share, organic plants and fresh water. As plants talk with their cells in the most spellbinding, powerful and healing way, they will take you to a place of deep restoration; touching your body mind and soul. This is the reason why I only use organic products and aromatherapy from plants, it is so important to me to share this with my clients.

The products and water will cleanse, bathe and nurture you deeply. The combination of this and my hands, listening to your needs, gives you your holistic Facial.
What is discussed in your full skincare consultation and beginning of your session can sometimes be very different to what you actually need. Your skin is an organ as is speaking to you from the inside out.

The Holistic Facial experience starts with simple and beautiful hot towels enriched with aromatherapy and held on the skin. I actually get facial envy. When the hot towels are applied to the face with compression at varied times during the facial I often notice my clients inhalation and exhalation will deepen. It instantly puts the body into a relaxed state, where you feel safe to rest and heal.

Holistic therapy is available from my base in Hockley or through my sessions at the Dawn Lister Therapy Centre in Leigh on Sea. To find the right treatment for your needs, please get in touch to discuss it further.

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