Ylang Ylang – Cananga Odonata essential oil, has been in my diffuser for the last two weeks. This beautiful oil blends well with so many other essential oils and smells incredible on its own.

The oil is produced from the flowers of a tall tree native to Asia, especially Indonesia. The name means flowers of flowers & has used in folk medicine and skin creams for thousands of years. It is a renowned base note in perfumes. 

Key actions – relaxing, sedating & balancing.

Top reasons for use – anxiety, depression, panic attack’s, emotional withdrawal, P.M.S, aphrodisiac and to lower blood pressure.

It is safe for age 12 up and in pregnancy with correct dosage. Always being advised from a qualified aromatherapist for the correct dosage of how to use on the skin. Book your tailored aromatherapy session now! You can also use my online shop to purchase the full range of pure essential oils including ylang ylang.

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