Achieving amazing results from the comfort of your home

I am trained in the use of these incredible crystal tools which have been used for thousands of years. I use them in tailored facial treatments, to benefit you. I can also teach and advice you how to use these in your home skincare routine with a few quick easy steps.

Individuals results will vary depending on your age, skin type, skincare history and current inner and outer health. There are also contraindications of using these tools so always seek advice from a trained therapist.

Some key benefits:

Skin appears younger and fresher with wrinkles appearing reduced and feeling firmer. Your skin will also feel more radiant skin as circulation is increased.It will improve headache relief, break down toxins and release tension in face, scalp & neck. The tools help eliminate dark circles & puffy eyes, improves natural hydration and lifts black heads as they help to reduce build up in the pores. Overall your skin will appear plumper, smoother and healthier.

If you would like to try these tools to see the benefits yourself, I offer a Zone Face Lift, Rose Quartz and Prescriptive Facial as well as a a taught consultant on how you can achieve the results at home.

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