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What’s an exfoliant, and why do you need the correct one?

Chemical, Mechanical or Organic, they are all doing the same thing just with different ingredients and intensity. They will slough off dead skin cells instantly, brighten a complexion and make your skin look and feel fresher. It smooths the texture, improves skin tone and helps unclog pores, lets the products you put on after work with a greater effect all at the same time. Using the correct one the correct way for you is so beneficial, overexfoliating is dangerous especially with wrong one. These Organic beautiful exfoliants above are perfect for every skin for the most fragile and delicate, oily acne prone, dry, a skin lacking hydration, or if your concerns are age defying. These are all I need for my own skins needs which sometimes is oily with occasional breakouts but, always wanting to look as young and fresh as possible. These are all I use in all my tailored holistic facial therapies.

Which one would your skin need? Receive a full holistic skincare consultation with every tailored facial. Contact me to book.

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