Blog written by the lovely Salty Air Sunkissed Hair

Blog written by the lovely Salty Air Sunkissed Hair

Let me kick this off by saying I am not a “facial” type of girl. Massage yes, but facials no. I have had too many luke warm facials where I leave thinking I could have done that myself and saved myself £60. With exception to a couple of “targeted” facials. By targeted I mean results driven and not a relaxing experience, more cold tingly masks than massage and wellbeing.

My friend Camilla had met this amazing facialist and raved to me it was the best she had ever experienced and I HAD to meet her. I don’t know about you but I trust my pals more than any magazine/blogger/ anonymous review so I promptly went to meet Tracy for coffee and a treatment.

Tracy Winterbourne, Holistic organic facialist. Skin coach. Healing. Aromatherapy science. Just a few of her accolades. What she doesn’t know about the skin, wellness and the body simply isn’t worth knowing. She is a fountain of knowledge and so incredibly interesting I tried not to be too fan girl when chatting to her! 25 years experience in the industry her qualifications are aplenty including Quantum healing, a Masters in Reiki and Rahanni celestial healing. Tracy’s ethos is looking great naturally. Harnessing nature and small lifestyle tweaks to look and FEEL your best.

I really find it hard to relax, not something I am particularly proud of. It’s a constant source of irritation to me (and my partner) and I did explain this to Tracy, I normally start to relax as the treatment is ending. I hoped this may be different. It was. HUGELY.

Tracy will tailor your experience just for you, whatever your concern I promise you will look and feel better after your treatment.

After chatting through my concerns Tracy prescribed the Zoneface Lift Facial. ” Naturally lifting your face and spirit”. A 90 minute treatment. This treatment works on many levels. As an overview it includes facial reflexology, Gua Sha- if you follow me on instagram you will know how absolutely obsessed with this tool I am! I would actually credit it as the best thing in my skin care regime. Tailored crystals, facial roller and indian head massage. This treatment is natures answer to botox or fillers. Tracy uses the award-winning natural Neals Yard range specific to your skin type and concern.

My experience was, well, I have been calling it a life changing facial, and not just on a skin level! I left Tracy’s room in a bubble of bliss. Shoulders down, relaxed and clear-headed. This has never happened to me before, I listen enviously at friends who fall asleep during treatments and although I didn’t fall asleep, I was seriously relaxed within 10 minutes. An absolute revelation on a personal level.

The treatment itself is really all down to Tracy herself. She has healing hands and the combination of facial massage and the tools she uses, The Gua Sha, the crystals and do not get me started on the indian head massage! It was 90 minutes of pure relaxation and calm. My busy mind quietened and I could feel the everyday mind chatter and stress ebbing away.

My skin itself was glowing, tighter and visibly more lifted. I looked rested, like I had been sleeping well, exercising and eating my five a day! Impressed does not cover it.

All that is left to say is….. go forth and BOOK A TREATMENT!! Post Christmas is an amazing time to carve out a little time just for you. Reset and start 2019 on a positive and radiant way.

I also just wanted to touch on price. Many moan at the cost of treatments, I think this is very misguided. Tracy starts at £60 which to me is some of the best money you can spend, considering a lot of us regularly drop £50 on a top in Zara to be worn only once I think it’s about time we shake up our way of thinking. We only get one body and investing our money there, well its money well spent. Invest in yourself next year, If you do book please let me know I would love to hear your experiences!

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